Monday, July 12, 2010

Ultra Marines Vs The Sons of Despair Highlights:

Jim commanding the Ultramarines, Jesse commanding The Sons of Despair (Nurgle CSM)
2000 points: Mission- Capture and Control Deployment- Dawn of War

Turn one: Due to Dawn of War, very little was deployed on either side. A single Rhino with a ten man squad of CSM ineffectually shoot a single Las Cannon from the top. There is considerable return fire that was largely mitigated by the cover they were parked behind.

Turn Two: Everything else rolls in. LOTS of mech. The Ultramarines call in two Vindicators, two Land Speeders, two Razor Backs a Predator, a Rhino a Land Raider Redeemer and some Tactical Squads. The Sons of Despair summon a Vindicator, a Predator (with the same load-out, no less!), ten Plague Marines in a Rhino, seven Plague Marines in a Rhino, and seven Chosen walk onto the board in the woods behind my objective, Dawn of War having taken away their opportunity to infiltrate and denying me my foothold near the center of the board! The first of my reserves also begin to materialize, two ten man squads of Lesser Demons Deep Strike much to my dismay as I was hoping they would have arrived later. Still to come from reserve: My Demon Prince, a Greater Demon, and two Obliterators.

Two Vindicators square off resulting in the Ultramarine's not being able to shoot, much to my relief!

Turn Three: One of the Land Speeders is shot down by my Predator. However, the other gets revenge by wreaking my Vindicator with a side armor shot that even my Demonic Possession can't ignore! My two Rhinos following behind in a delta pattern are immobilized and stunned by an colossal amount of fire. My advance on the right flank falters.

Turn Four: The Land Raider Redeemer really shines taking heavy fire and an assault from my Greater Demon without so much as a scratch in the paint. More specifically: Two Las Cannons from the Predator, one Las Cannon for the CSM squad still in their Rhino, a Missile Launcher and two Melta Guns (one was even within 6 inches!) from the Chosen and SIX Monstrous Creature attacks all resulting in nothing!! On the other flank the seven man squad of Plague Marines (with two Melta Guns) fail to do anything meaningful! Five Terminators all armed with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields assault the Greater Demon and, even though it attacks first and kills three of them, the two survivors strike back and pound the Demon into next week! I fail ALL of it's 4+ invulnerable saves and it disappears screaming back into the Warp! The surviving Terminators re-embark and lock the doors to the Land Raider just to be safe.

My Demon Prince also arrived this turn, Deep Striking perfectly behind the Ultramarine's lines in range to assault a Tactical Squad holding Jim's objective. I fail my Psychic test for Wind of Chaos and take fire from a Predator, two Razor Backs, the Tactical Squad, and a Land Speeder, losing two wounds.

Turn Five: My Obliterators finally walk onto the board and get into firing position. Massed fire wreaks my Predator. My Demon Prince soars to the top of the ruined building housing the Ultramarine objective and assaults the Tactical Squad holding it, Wind of Chaos is nullified by a well placed Psychic Hood. While my corpulent bag of demonic pus kills many of the Tactical Squad, they elect to lose the combat and withdraw, the Demon, clearly caught up in the bloodshed, fails to catch them and actually starts to sweat as every enemy gun in a three mile radius ominously swivels towards him.

Turn Six: The Land Raider Redeemer hits my lines again disgorging it's deadly cargo, minus three. I counter assault with my CSM squad holding the objective and finally I catch a break as, through a ton of attacks, the nigh-unstoppable Terminators fail two saves! The Obliterators fire on the Ultramarine Vindicator destroying the weapon! Things are starting to go my way! Well.....The Demon Prince catches a ton of fire, and when the smoke finally clears, even the legendary toughness of a avatar of the Plague God couldn't stand up to the massed Krak Missiles, Las Cannon, and Melta fire! A horrible, sizzling smear is all that is left of poor Tubby, cast back into the Warp before he knew what happened to him! The other Ultramarine Vindicator kills one Obliterator and the Stern Guard and Librarian (with Nullzone, Demon players: Watch out for this one! ;) wipe a squad of summoned Lesser Demons off the map! Out of simple defiance, the ten man Plague Marine squad disembarks and Rapid Fires the remaining Land Speeder, wreaking it. The Redeemer toasts some Chosen and CSM in the woods next to my objective, AP 3 and no cover saves!

Turn 7 (!): Yeah, it went the full seven turns! I lay the last of my fire from whats left of my army into the Land Raider, but to no avail. One of the Obliterators miss and the other fails to penetrate and the POINT BLANK Las Cannon in the CSM squad MISSES! Seriously, the barrel must have been touching the hull! *face palm*

The remaining Sons of Despair fallback, intent on regrouping and taking the high ground the Ultramarine held building has to offer.

Final thoughts: My kingdom for some Melta Bombs! For five points they would have been a great investment, I can't see me not taking them in the future, especially on the Chosen, all of which can carry them! Dawn of War has to be my new least favorite scenario, right off the bat I was at a disadvantage and didn't realize it as my Chosen weren't allowed to Infiltrate and had to walk onto the board, denying me my mid-board Demonic Staging Area (tm). A Rhino would have been great in this situation.

I was a little disappointed with my Vindicator, thinking it could take and shrug off a lot more fire than it did, but I wasn't expecting the mobility (and side armor shots) of the Land Speeders. Oh, well, it was the first time I fielded it, it was almost bound to explode.

All in all a good game and a fun time. Thank You Jim!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dave (Tau) vs Kevin (Imperial Fists) June Match

Imperial Fist vs. Tau

Annihilation/Dawn of War

(Pre-Dawn) Mission Time: 0:00-

In the dark Captain Lysander as well as Brother Librarian Aries contemplates the battle ground, recent capture of shield generator allowed them to set up a large refractor field over a recently fortified building. This gave the imperial fists the advantage defense yet due to territorial gains they had to spread out their forces. This however did not change the demeanors of the Battle-Brothers. They were grinning over the enemy they were to fight; they had fought this Tau Commander previously, and won decisively on multiple occasions. They deployed a Tactical squad in the fortified building as well as another team farther up in the fortified ruins for better shots. The Tau commander had deployed a squad of Xeno Fire Warriors in a tall building opposite the fortified ruins. As well as some Kroot savages deployed up in a forest on the far side of the field, they would stay there the entire game guarding the flank from nothing.

(Pre-Dawn) Mission Time: 1:00-

In the Darkness before Dawn the entire Tau Force had moved into the Battle Area. A Large Quantity of Crisis suits and Fire Warriors moved into the area across from the fortified area. A Hammerhead Gunboat moved onto the far side as well as An enemy Devilfish. The commander moved on near the building with the fire warriors in the middle as well as the Xeno scouts in a transport. The Imperial fists brought in their Land Raider Crusader with Lysander and an attachment of Terminator brothers next to the fortified building. A rhino with the brother Librarian and a detachment of battle brothers took point. Brother Tiberius and his bike squad boosted ahead of the main force as a vanguard to the 7th Companies efforts. Venerated Brother Dreadnought Furies brought in his blessed heavy weapons and stationed himself behind the fortified ruins as well as Brother Hiro’s sniper team moved into the ruins. No shots were fired in the darkness of the pre-dawn fog. A razorback transport came in on the opposite side of the field behind a rock formation as well.

(Dawn) Mission Time: 2:00-

The sun rose behind the Tau gun line as the commander ordered all fire to be concentrated on the biker shock unit. Many shots were fired on top the hill in the middle of the battlefield pouring into Brother Sgt. Tiberius’ position until his squad finally fell to the Tau. It took the entire Tau Armies concentrated fire to take them down and they died honorably for their brothers. Their brothers took action by having the Rhino create a smoke screen for the vehicles to advance. As they moved fast forward, the brothers inside the fortified ruins took fire yet the sun blocked vision of the Tau making their shots imprecise.

(Early Morning) Mission Time: 3:00-

The Tau Commander took action by disembarking his pathfinders then ordering shots into the smokescreen, a lucky Rail gun shot found the fuel deposit in the rhino blowing it into the Immatterium . The Librarian and battle brothers inside were saved and took hold in the crater of their once rhino. In this dire time of need the lost brothers of the Damned Legion came from out of the fog of battle right into the Tau gun line. They poured purifying flame and holy bolter fire as well as cleansing plasma into a xeno crisis team purifying them from the battlefield. The held down Imperial fist line let out a yell o triumph. They Land Raider with Brother-Captain Lysander and his contingent of the 1st company steamed forward.

(Mid Morning) Mission Time: 4:00-

The arrival of the Lost Legion was short lived as in a moment of fear the Tau commander ordered concentrated fire upon the Legion; he had faced this foe before and nearly fell to them. One by one the lost brothers fell to concentrated Pulse and plasma fire till the very last Legionnaire disappeared iback into the mist of battle. In this moment the Tau Commander let loose his railguns into the L:and Raider getting a penetrated hit and blowing it up. Lysander and his men moved into a covered position before the hill that the Xeno commander had taken position behind. In a moment of panic the brother librarian opened a gateway into the nether realm to beam him and his battle brothers into the midst of the Tau host. On the other side they had taken up position in a rock field in the midst of the Tau The foe. This was a costly mistake.

(Late Morning) Mission Time: 5:00-

At this point the Tau commander quickly ordered his Fire kin to open fire on the Librarian and his battle brothers. The Space Marine contingent couldn’t take the fire of the Tau force and fell an honorable death. Sensing triumph the Tau Commander ordered the rest of his force to fire into Captain Lysander and his Terminators felling two lucky shots killing the battle brother veterans. Lysander, angry over his brothers deaths, charged the a nearby fire team slaughtering them and causing the few survivors to route. In one final attempt for victory Lysander took cover in the ruins near the Tau gunline with his remaining brothers to set up a charge.

(Pre- Noon) Mission Time: 6:00-

The Tau commander took notice of the legendary warrior nearby and jumped over to a safer position ordered his men to fire on the brother captain. Shots took down a terminator and wounded Lysander. Lysander jumped from the ruins yet they impeded his progress only allowing him to reach some Broadside suits instead of the enemy commander. He vengefully took down the suits single handedly. His brothers and himself then took up a position for a suicide charge into the Tau Force!

(High Noon) Mission Time: 7:00-

This, however was in vain as the Tau overwhelmed the 1st companies finest and felled the Brother Captain. The tau then took position to overwhelm the remaining battle brothers back in the fortified ruins. Brother Sergeant Andust looked out over the battlefield around him were the smoking hulks of Space Marine Vehicles as well as dead battle brothers. He went back to his command and let out the order for tactical retreat. Later as Brother Corbin would testify in debriefing the Brother Sergeant ordered that for the brother captains transmitter to be located and for him to be teleported back to the apothecaries behind the lines for they might be able to heal his injuries. He also stated that the brother Sergeant stated that revenge would be taken against this xeno scum. He stated, “TheX eno had won this battle, yet for the honor of the chapter and for the Emperor of Mankind he would not let this result hinder the Chapter and revenge would be his!

Final score Tau 12- Imperial Fists 5

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chaos (World Eaters) vs Chaos (Black Legion)

The Rhinos sat idling in the wan light of the blasted world. Once it had been an Imperial stronghold, but Chaos had come, and never relinquished it's grasp. Now, differing factions fought over it's ruins, seeking to address wrongs in their own way: with violence.

Khârn stood amongst blood an viscera. Gorechild's mechanism growling idly. He had summoned a number of thralls brought before him, which he dispatched to raise his bloodlust. Unsatisfactory. They could not -- did not -- fight back. And even if they had, they were no match for a favored son of Khorne.

"Sire," said one of his berzerkers. "The Black Legion draws closer. Why to you slake your bloodlust on these wretches when more worthy foes present themselves?"

Yes, thought Khârn. Time to take worthy heads to adorn Khorne's throne.

* * * * *

This game was an objectives based game, fought over a terrain of scattered ruins with a hill in the center. Both sides deployed with the hill between. The World Eaters Chosen (Fallen Dark Angels) deployed near one of the objectives, with Berzerkers near a second.

The game started conservatively, with both sides hugging terrain in order to limit firing opportunitues. The World Eaters Terminators managed to pick off a few of the Black Legion chosen, as well as a well-placed Havoc bombardment. World Eater bikes rushed forward, and on the second turn added their fire to whittle down the Black Legion Chosen.

A Rhino filled with Berzerkers moved up now, adding its own fire, with the objective of trapping the Black Legion chosen between the bikes and the Berzerkers. However, a timely shot from a lascannon knocked out the Rhino, forcing the Berzerkers to advance on foot, which they did, firing their bolt pistols and further eroding the Black Legion Chosen.

By turn 3, the bikes found themselves trapped by a Black Legion rhino, which dismounted its squad. Black Legion bikes also joined the fray. Between the two, with harassing fire from the Black Legion Chosen, they managed to whittle away the strength of the bikers.

With turn 4, the Black Legion brought up it's Daemon Prince, using it's Lash capability to force the Fallen Dark Angels Chosen from the objective, moving up a rhino filled with troops to contest. The World Eaters brought up their own Rhino filled with Khârn and Berzerkers to do the same. A firefight ensued between the Black Legionaires and the Fallen Dark Angels, with limited effect. More pressing were the Obliterators that chose this point to begin bombarding the formation with Plasma Cannon shots, causing a few casualties among the berzerkers.

By the 5th turn, the Black Legionaires seized the objective, but the remnants of Khârn's squad charged them among the ruins. Khârn managed to take 3 more heads, but slew one of his own. Khârn's record now stands at 7 skulls taken, but 2 friends betrayed!

* * * * *

As this was my 3rd game of 5th Edition Warhammer 40,000, I think I did better than my previous two games. For the first few turns, I felt I used terrain better, and attempted to deploy in a way that I could mutually support my forces. The real problems occur perhaps when I divide my force into two separate "task forces." It might be better to concentrate all my troops into a unified effort instead, perhaps ignoring the other objectives and instead and concentrate on either one, or on destroying the enemy's capacity to contest objectives (or perhaps both). Look forward to my next game.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Eater Chaos Space Marines vs Space Wolf 13th Company

The rhino rumbled across the blasted landscape, the engine a whining growl as it powered it's way through shallow blast craters and ash covered debris piles. The ruins of a city pressed in against the vehicle, looming shadows that occasionally flickered with internal firelight through blasted windows. The dull red of the rhino was a contrast against the blackened duracrete ruin.

Inside the vehicle, bathed in a dull green light from monitoring stations and tech read-outs, nine powered armored shapes sat with the sort of calm that occurred before a storm. Their bolt pistols were holstered, chain-axes and swords at their sides or across their knees, and helmeted heads -- crests designed to evoke the rune of Khorne -- regarded each other impassively.

One lone figure sat that the back of the vehicle, slightly apart from the others. It was now that he chose to break his silence...

"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" he bellowed.

Nine sets of helmeted heads turned to regard the figure. His armor was a little more ornate, left arm bared and grotesquely muscled. His own chainaxe, Gorechild, was held in impatient hands.

One of the seated figures turned to regard his companion. A direct and private vox channel connected between the two.

"I have much confidence in this mission," said the one, "but why is he here?"

"He is Khârn; he goes where he will," came the reply, "where the blood is most spilled."

"Almighty Khorne does not care from whence heads are taken. Friend or foe, they are both the same. We will not survive this..."

* * * * *

Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines meet in an objectives based game. The Objective for the Chaos Space Marines is a cache of ammunition (because the Dark Mechanicum can't seem to get their act together in the last ten-thousand years), while the World Eaters held a Space Wolf prisoner, for their own purposes.

The World Eaters seized the initiative, driving their bikes hard at the enemy's Demolishers, eager to come to grips with them and destroy them. They were thwarted from this goal by whithering fire from the enemy.

Meanwhile, a unit of Space Wolf scouts harassed the band of berzerkers holding the prisoner. Intolerant of this, a second band of berzerkers and their illustrious leader sought to eliminate them, which they did after a swirling melee.

Back on the objective, the berzerker guards began to receive harassing fire from the ruin across from them, and it was at this time that a small band of terminators chose to teleport in to put pressure on the enemy, rushing quickly towards cover. Unfortunately they were not fast enough, and suffered in close combat for this, also losing a rhino that as supporting Khârn's band.

A new presence was felt on the battlefield, in the form of a band of Fallen Dark Angel's Chosen, who then rushed forward to help defend the prisoner. They too came under concentrated fire from the Demolishers, though they managed to damage one slightly, and stun it's crew with a melta blast.

Finally, the main force of Space Wolves overwhelmed the objective, and the World Eaters withdrew.

* * * * *

The lessons learned were the same sort you will find in the real-world: insufficiently supported attacks will suffer for it, and concentration of forces is still important, even in the power armored setting of the year 40,000...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

CSM Black Legion Vs. Tau

Battle Report

Chaos Vs. Tau 2250 Pnt. Ea.

Mission: Seize Ground:

4 objectives: 1 located “Helstine Forest 1B”; 2 located “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium 1D”; 3 located “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”; 4 located “Icarus Forest 1H”.

Deployment: Dawn of War

First Turn: Chaos Space Marines (CSM) Steal initiative not successful.

Turn 1:

(Night Fighting) CSM: Demon Prince “Ashazzii the Horrid” Slannesh deployed to the center of board behind the destroyed “Hab block 1C”. 2 units of CSM with Rhinos deployed behind the destroyed “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium” and idled till turn 2. 2 units of daemons, a Greater Daemon, & 5 Terminators with a CSM lord were left in reserve. All others units deployed on first turn and took a wide spread although most of the army deployment focused on areas 1D and 1C. Due to night fighting, no significant shots were fired by CSM. “Ashazzii the Horrid” did manage to lash a unit of Fire Warriors (FW) from their cover in the “Icarus Forest 1H”. Before the unit knew what was occurring they were already 600m from their designated front lines following the hauntingly beautiful song of a ghostly Ethereal. Little could they they know the horrors that would soon befall them.

(Night Fighting) Tau 1 HQ “Commander !@#$%” Deployed in “Hab Block 1G”. 2 Units of Fire Warriors (FW) Deployed on objective within the “Icarus Forest 1H”. The guns of the Tau took an extremely wide spread and covered their entire side of the battle ground. 1 Tau transport immobilized itself in the protruding I-beams and wreckage of the “Ogany Overlook Tor 1J”. With no priority targets available, a Tau Hammerhead unleashed its Rail gun on the CSM Chosen unit “The 8 Horrors of the Blessed” taking cover within the “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium”. A single CSM was atomized by its high velocity projectile. The unit of FW lashed by “Ashazzii the Horrid” attempt to make a run from enemy lines but the haunting beauty of the siren song still beckons them and their progress is too slow.

Turn 2:

CSM Reserves included 1 unit of “Plague Zombies (PZ)” off an icon carried by the “Howlers of Hate” CSM. The PZ along with the “The 8 Horrors of the blessed”, Chosen CSM, quickly ran into the remains of the “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium 1D” searching for Tau that were reported to be hiding amongst the ruins like vermin. The PZ secure the objective and hide in amongst the rubble and blasted rock-crete. With a death curdling scream and the gurgle of all of his bodily fluids being released at once inside their transport, The Greater Daemon “Qazzech the Slime Lord” comes into being and immediately senses the warmth of untainted spirits close. “The Black Crosses” CSM fell into debased prayer and prepare for battle, envious of their battle brother who is now one with “Qazzech the Slime Lord”. “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” and his elite unit of Terminators strategically deepstrike within combi-melta distance of a Tau Hammerhead gunship.
“Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” waste no time destroying the Tau Hammerhead gunship with melti-weapons. It’s suspected the pilots thankfully died of fear prior to their tank exploding in a fire ball that could be seen for 2 kilometers. With the focus of mass Las fire from a Chaos Obliterator the second Tau Hammerhead gunship was temporarily disabled. “Ashazzii the Horrid” begins his insidious song again and Lashes the same unit of FW closer. This time there is no escape and they realize they’ve been following a phantom just as the superheated blast of plasma cannon, fired by a 3rd Obliterator, incinerates 6 of their squad.

Tau reserves come on in strength and immediately sure up the battle lines. Command center and all Vox channels are clicking with communications, coordinates and target acquisitions. The Tau OPEN up! With the skill and fortitude of their pathfinders (PF) picking essential targets, the Tau are able to destroy the CSM Rhino “For the Love of Hatred”. The ensuing explosions kill 3 of “The Black Crosses” who immediately disembark and make for the cover of “Helsite Forest” and the objective marked on their intelligence maps. “The Black Crosses” lose another CSM to concentrated fire and realize they’re in the gun line of a massive Tau mobilization. “Commander !@#$%” and his team XV-9’s (Forge World Proxy we agreed to play) and 2 support unit of XV-8’s unleash the fusion and plasma power of their battle suits and waste 3 terminators. Each was reduced to ash by the ferocious fire power. The desperately exposed lashed Tau, with no place to go, make an uncharacteristically brave charge into the “Helsite Forest” were the remnant of “The Black Crosses” have taken up defensive positions around the objective. Due to their hastily constructed defensive perimeter, not a single Tau shot drops any more CSM.

Turn 3:

The Massed fire power of the Tau is so intense that hardly a unit of the CSM dared make a move. In outrage “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” put four rounds into the heads of a group of Chaos worshippers that were skulking in the vicinity of the destroyed “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”, as he had no other place to vent his rage. He then proceeded to run, with what’s left of his terminator group, to get into contact with the elusive Battle suits to no avail. The mass fired power of the Tau is withering and he and his command are forced to find cover in “Promethium Manufactorium 1F” or risk being atomized. His decision comes almost too late as he takes a Fusion shot that destroys the left part of his face and he suffers a single wound. The Obliterators unleash a torrent of Las fire into the remaining Tau Hammerhead and manage to stun the vehicle (Bloody Curses on their 4+ obscurement save). In a serious fire fight, “The Black Crosses” summon Daemon Dogs from the warp to act as a meat shield. They sacrifice one of their dying brothers to complete the ritual of debasement. Not to be left out of the head hunting “The Blooded of Khorne” and their leader “Horgar the Brutal” charge their Rhino forward into the concentrated mass of Tau fire chanting the praises of the Brass Throne. “Blood for the blood God! Glory for our Liege”. “Qazzech the Slime Lord” charges the pitiful Tau that made it into the “Helsite Forest”. Their deaths are quick as two immediately die to plague and the purification of their soft tissues and the third is crushed by a mighty blow from his blood encrusted, diseased ridden great sword. Amazingly one single Tau survives the initial encounter and stands firm against the terrifying entity that is “Qazzech the Slime Lord”, but not for long. “Ashazzii the Horrid” becomes distracted by all the pretty lights firing from the Tau weapons, cavorts and dances a round and fails his psychic check.

With targets acquired the Tau proceed to unleash another fusillade of massed fire power led by the Tau Pathfinders (PF) and their expert marking of prime targets. The concentrated fire of the Tau destroys all but one single Daemon Dog. To the Tau’s dismay they come to realize how resilient these cursed warp entities truly are and find that they have to over concentrate their fire power. Command immediately requests a shift in tactics. With Authority given the remaining Tau, who could still here the dying screams of their brethren in the “Helsite Forest” over the closed channel communication links bring to bear a tremendous amount of fire power on the “The Black Crosses” destroying 3 more CSM and leaving only 2 left, an unholy standard bearer and a Las cannon gunner. With their advanced optics and targeting arrays, “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” quickly learns that there is no hiding from the Tau guns and 1 more terminator is vaporized. “Commander !@#$%” mistakenly believes that he has destroyed the “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” when he sees the left side of his face and terminator armor explode in a gout of gore and vaporized ceramite. Although he quickly and efficiently calls out new commands, after a few minutes his internal targeting arrays detect movement in the ruins and he realizes that the terminators with their commander are back on the move. Like a fox on the trail of a rabbit, the battle suit teams begin to hunt the ruins of “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”. Although “Commander !@#$%”, commands are a bit premature, the Tau expertly execute those that directly affect them and they concentrate fire on the now vulnerable “Heathens Gore” Rhino which carry the “The Blooded of Khorne” CSM squad. “Heathens Gore” goes up in a massive mushroom fireball. To all of the Tau who see the explosion, congratulations quickly turn to horror, as they see the “The Blooded of Khorne” charging out of the wreckage chanting their mantra “Blood for the blood God! Glory for our Liege”. Not one Khorne CSM was lost. As part of “Commander !@#$%” early strategy, he deep deployed a large unit of Kroot (20) in an effort to outflank any trailing units of CSM. The main task, secure any objectives not securely held and sow chaos and disruption behind enemy lines. Their outflank move was extremely successful as they come upon the idling Rhino “Angers Tread” and the “Howlers of Hate” CSM unit still embarked. They make 60 automatic hits but fail to destroy “Angers Tread”, although they successfully shake the Rhino. “Dragoon the Baleful” of the “Howlers of Hate” calls in for fire support to clear the critters from “Angers Tread”.

Turn 4:

Fire support comes in the form of blistering fire from “The 8 Horrors of the Blessed” Chosen Unit. Bolters on full auto they proceed to rapid fire into the Kroot followed up by a melta-gun shot and 3 plasma gun shots. One plasma carrier in the “The 8 Horrors of the Blessed” unit was not so blessed and got the fast ticket to meeting his gods when his plasma gun overheated in an explosion of superheated plasma fusion. 8 Kroot were slaughtered in the volley. They then took a twin linked flamer blast from the obliterator, killing 6 more. They then took a charge by the Obliterator and this sent them scurrying for the sewers that they must have crawled out of. Reports are still unclear how they were able to get so close.
“Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” making his way through the “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”, through blistering fire, was able to get near to the second Hammer head. The only other terminator with “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed”, with a chain fist, proceeded to carve a new icon of Chaos out of the tank. Although successful in destroying the tank in a huge mushroom fireball, the chaos gods decided to be fickle with their blessings and he got decapitated in the ensuing explosion. “Ashazzii the Horrid” regains his senses and lashes a Tau FW unit out of “hab-block 1G”. “The Blooded of Khorne” make a ferocious charge destroying the entire unit without suffering a single strike back. The Blood God was pleased! The Blooded of Khorne” make a 6” consolidate towards the “Icarus Forest 1H”. The lone chaos dog hides. “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice Cursed” then gives his final command of this battle and orders the “Hell’s Doom Spirits” Bike squad to break cover and finish the fight in the name of chaos and glory. Breaking cover from behind the “Krill Forest 1A” where they were idling, they turbo boost for the “Icarus Forest 1H” objective. In rage of not being able to pass on his beautiful contagions to fitting carriers, “Qazzech the Slime Lord” makes a full move into the open in an effort to get the Tau hiding in the “Icarus Forest 1H”.

With targets acquired the brave pathfinders still on the ridge of the “Ogany Overlook 1J” paint “Qazzech the Slime Lord”. “Qazzech the Slime Lord” takes punishing fire and reports are that the steady beams of energy were so intense, the las fire and tracer rounds looked like they were forming the 8 pointed star of chaos right before he exploded in a mass of gore, slime and body parts. Everything, not of chaos, died within 60 meters of his death explosion. “Commander !@#$%” and his entourage of XV-8 battle suits began to systematically hunt “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice Cursed” finally bringing him down in a torrent of plasma, melta, and fusion burst just under the objective of “Promethium Manufactorium 1F” location. “Commander !@#$%” other XV-8 suits engaged “The Blooded of Khorne” at a distance of 200 meters, stitching fire into the unit like a surgical blade even as they sought cover. There was no hiding, there was no running; there was only death by fire! Seven Khornites were killed!

Turn 5:

With no more command communication from “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice Cursed” the obliterators begin to shoot and pick targets randomly, destroying a Devil fish troop carrier in the process. It turns into an orgy of fire power. “Ashazzii the Horrid” lashes 1 of the 2 remaining Tau troop units off of the “Icarus Forest 1H” objective who immediately take a charge from the 3 remaining “Blooded” and the lone warped spawned Daemon dog. The attack was ferocious as they fell upon the dazed Tau. Nothing survived. Amazingly, the warp spawned daemon dog was able to consolidate onto the objective at “Icarus Forest 1H”. “Hell’s Doom Spirits” Bike squad crashed through the “Icarus Forest 1H” at break neck speed. One single biker was lost when he impaled himself on a Tau defensive positional electro spike. Unfortunately this would not save the last unit Tau on the Objective and they were quickly slaughtered, their bodies mutilated in the name of chaos and the “The Black Legion”. “Hell’s Doom Spirits” consolidated around the objective to protect the daemon dog.

With the chaos commander dead, “Commander !@#$%” orders all units to close on objectives. Due to chaos jamming devices, he is unaware the total losses. Few hear his commands fewer are in any position to do anything other than save themselves. A unit of broadsides makes a command decision and proceeds to dump a torrential pouring of fire into “The Black Crosses” located in the “Helsite Forest” killing the last 2 members of the unit at a distance of over 1000 meters. They took the cowardly way out and decided to die. Their names are stricken from the rosters of the “The Black Crosses” in shame and disgrace. “Commander !@#$%” XV-8 suits proceed to finish of the last of “The Blooded of Khorne” as well as the Rhino “Angers Tread” and 2 of its passengers. The fire show is spectacular and is mostly done in outrage and horror as the battlesuits start to get reports of Tau causalities. The dreaded sense of defeat began to settle in….

Turn 6:

Rolled a 1 on turn 6. Game came to an immediate end.
Chaos held 2 Objective (WINNER)
Tau contested 1 Objective


SEE Map sent on private email. not sure how to post?



This was no walk in the park. As expected, the Tau presented massive fire power. Although chaos won, I think we would both agree that we both took a bloody nose during the fight and it was certainly hard fought. Although it can be conjectured as to why I won or why the Tau lost, I think that best left up to the strategist. Suffice to say that Dawn of War did not play to either of our strengths and it took some on the fly adaptability. In both cases, we lost our infiltrate ability due to the scenario and had to suffer through a round of night fighting and foot slogging troops on the board. I can say this; Chaos never lost focus on the objective portion of the game and hence was able to secure a convincing win with 2 objectives. Secondly chaos focused on the Tau troop choices almost exclusively throughout the game. Heck, I couldn’t get to anything else and who would want to in light of the serious fire power those suits put down. I knew I couldn’t whether the fire so my goal was to rob him of any scoring units. To this affect, my Lash did a good job. It was interesting that at the end of the game chaos had not killed a single battle/crisis suit.

Oddly enough, my terminators lasted just long enough to tie up those units in the 1F area. By time they finished with the termies we were entering the late stage of the game. They, single battle/crisis suit, weren’t able to effectively support the rest of the army although this is my observation and Sam may feel differently about it. Chaos had area 1D locked up and the Tau took a calculated risk outflanking the Kroot into the area. They paid for it all though it would have been an interesting gamble had he actually wrecked the rhino sitting over there the whole game. In fact, that could’ve possibly turned the game. Losing turn 6 didn’t help the Tau either although admittedly he couldn’t have actually taken objectives by that point, only contest them. Chaos initially played pretty defensively. I had some units I just wasn’t willing to stick out there, but this left me with few options for assaults and ultimately I had no choice but to get across the board into his line. At the end, although I had some troop choices and units left and good positioning (I was on objectives in cover) my hold on the “Icarus Forest 1H” objective was tenuous and had it gone the other round I was still looking at the actual heavy hitters of his army fully functional and ready to spit death at range. Not a promising thought. What I learned is that playing the attrition game with the Tau is not a good idea. They’ll out shoot you every time with their strength 5 or better weapons.
I had a great time and this is my first battle report I hope it holds up.
Looking forward to re-match vs the Tau.

All Hail Chaos!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chaos Space Marines (Jesse) vs. Tau (David)

Spearhead, Capture and Control, Tau took first turn.

Turn 1 – The entire Tau force except one Crisis Suit deploys in and around the ruin in which their objective is placed, while Chaos chooses to deploy just one Tactical Squad on their objective, reserving the rest. Tau infiltrates one squad of Kroot to the side, in a forest.

The Tau open up on their sole target; the Crisis Suits and vehicles advance, while the Fire Warriors and Pathfinders remain in the building. Due to the high range, only half the tac squad dies.

Chaos shoots back; a lucky shot from a lascannon destroys the Tau Hammerhead.

Turn 2 – Tau continues to advance, firing all the way, and wipes out the Tactical Squad. Fire Warriors cheer in their apparent victory, as no Chaos units remain on the board, but the veterans suggest they pipe down and prepare for the worst.

This caution is justified as Demons start appearing from the warp; two Demon princes enter the battle, along with a squad of Chosen outflanking and driving up into the Tau building. The Warp is unkind to the Demons, as a squad of Obliterators attempts to materialize inside the Tau Devilfish, instead being blown to atoms; some lesser demons appear off course inside a building, losing half their number. The Chosen fire, and with their flamers nearly clear the bottom floor of its squad of Fire Warriors; the two survivors flee. The lesser demons charge from the untimely building into a squad of Crisis Suits, tying them up in an inconclusive melee.

Turn 3 – With threats erupting all over the place, Tau are hard pressed to decide on target priority. First up are the Chosen – Pathfinders illuminate them with their markerlights, and then Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits pour on the firepower, eventually eliminating them to a man. Perhaps unwisely, the closer of the Demon Princes is ignored, in favor of applying firepower to the Obliterator, killing him, and the further of the Princes.

The Demon Prince charges into the Tau building, and immediately demonstrates to the Tau why he deserved a higher priority, killing 5 Firewarriors, then cutting down the rest as they flee. Some lesser daemons appear to reinforce their Prince, while the second Prince advances, contemptuously cutting down a Crisis Suit along the way. Again, the warp strikes the Daemons, as the Terminators attempt to appear inside the Broadsides; they are forced to detour to a bunker all the way across the map. Meanwhile, a Tactical squad enters the field to replace their brethren slain by the Tau earlier, and begin to move back to their objective. The lesser Daemons continue their melee with the Crisis Suits, for minimal casualties on both sides.

Turn 4 – The Tau panic, and pour on all the fire they can to the Demon Prince in their building. Sadly, this isn’t sufficient, and he still has only two wounds. Those out of range of him shoot at and destroy secondary targets, including the further Prince, but it isn’t enough.

Chaos reigns as the Prince continues to rampage, attacking the Pathfinders this turn; he destroys half of them without taking a wound himself. His reinforcements enter the building to secure the Tau objective, while their brethren continue to advance, regaining their own objective and sweeping through the Crisis Suits attempting to hold them back.

Turn 5 – It’s looking grim for the Tau - no objectives held, no troops close enough to take one, and a Prince rampaging through their building. The few who managed to stay out of combat take some potshots, but their firepower is too little, too late. The Prince finishes off the Pathfinders, burps, and prepares for his third course.

Finally, it’s time for the Prince to taste Broadside – he moves up another floor and starts on them; killing half, he forces the remainder to flee. The lesser Daemons finish off the remnant Firewarriors in the building, and the Terminators reinforce their brethren at the Chaos objective. The game ends, with Chaos in control of both objectives, and Tau mostly wiped out.

Final thoughts – The game started well for the Tau, with their whole army vs. one squad. Chaos did get lucky in destroying the Hammerhead, but it wouldn’t really have mattered in the end. The turning point was turn 2 as most of the Daemons, the Chosen, Obliterators and the Tac Squad all came in from reserve. Jesse positioned them very aggressively, which hurt as he lost a bunch of models to the Perils of the Warp – however, it paid off as he was then able to immediately tie up my best units in melee, and begin the inexorable process of wiping me off my objective. Getting the rest of his army in good positions turn 3 just put the icing on the cake, as they eliminated any hope I had of sneaking out a victory or lucky rolls saving me.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ultramarines (Jim) vs. Tau (David)

We placed terrain, then rolled off – got Pitched Battle deployment, 3 Seize ground objectives, which ended up one right outside each deployment zone and one in the middle, closer to the Ultramarine side. The Marines went first, and elected for a balanced deployment, weighted toward the right flank. The Tau then deployed in a castle formation to their right, therefore opposing slightly less than half the Marines – the idea was to defeat in detail the Marines as they advanced. However, this was the terrain heavy side of the field, and the Tau placement didn’t leave much line of sight to anything. One unit of Broadsides and the Pathfinders were placed toward the left, behind a hill.

Turn one, the Marines opened fire; the Whirlwind destroyed a full unit of Fire Warriors and damaged another, while the Scouts in their Landspeeder Storm piled out and shot, then assaulted the Pathfinders, wiping them out to a man, then consolidated back toward their transport. Meanwhile, an Ironclad Dreadnought dropped in from the heavens right in front of the ‘castle’, using its heavy flamer and meltagun to inflict many wounds on crisis suits and the Kroot in front of them. The rest of the Marine line advanced up the field.

The Tau, in retaliation for their losses, piled on the fire to the Ironclad and the Scouts; however, neither was destroyed. The Ironclad suffered the loss of its meltagun and was stunned, while 4 of the 5 scouts were killed, leaving only the sergeant. Sadly, this required most of the available firepower of the Tau forces, setting the Marines up nicely for turn 2.

In turn 2, the Ironclad flamered the Kroot, killing many; meanwhile, the Whirlwind killed more Fire Warriors, and the lone Scout sergeant shot a combi-melta at the Devilfish, blowing it up, taking both Kroot and Fire Warriors with it. At this point, both the Kroot and Fire Warriors failed their Morale tests, ran off the board, as, ignominiously, the Shas’El in command of the detachment. This was the last of the Tau troops. The Tau only had the Broadsides, Hammerhead, and some Crisis Suits remaining, while the Marines had only lost one 5 man squad of Scouts and the weapon off the Ironclad. With no way to claim an objective and no real chance of contesting all the objectives given the relative casualties, the Tau conceded.

Conclusion: Ultramarine victory, claiming a Manufactorium for the campaign.