Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chaos (World Eaters) vs Chaos (Black Legion)

The Rhinos sat idling in the wan light of the blasted world. Once it had been an Imperial stronghold, but Chaos had come, and never relinquished it's grasp. Now, differing factions fought over it's ruins, seeking to address wrongs in their own way: with violence.

Khârn stood amongst blood an viscera. Gorechild's mechanism growling idly. He had summoned a number of thralls brought before him, which he dispatched to raise his bloodlust. Unsatisfactory. They could not -- did not -- fight back. And even if they had, they were no match for a favored son of Khorne.

"Sire," said one of his berzerkers. "The Black Legion draws closer. Why to you slake your bloodlust on these wretches when more worthy foes present themselves?"

Yes, thought Khârn. Time to take worthy heads to adorn Khorne's throne.

* * * * *

This game was an objectives based game, fought over a terrain of scattered ruins with a hill in the center. Both sides deployed with the hill between. The World Eaters Chosen (Fallen Dark Angels) deployed near one of the objectives, with Berzerkers near a second.

The game started conservatively, with both sides hugging terrain in order to limit firing opportunitues. The World Eaters Terminators managed to pick off a few of the Black Legion chosen, as well as a well-placed Havoc bombardment. World Eater bikes rushed forward, and on the second turn added their fire to whittle down the Black Legion Chosen.

A Rhino filled with Berzerkers moved up now, adding its own fire, with the objective of trapping the Black Legion chosen between the bikes and the Berzerkers. However, a timely shot from a lascannon knocked out the Rhino, forcing the Berzerkers to advance on foot, which they did, firing their bolt pistols and further eroding the Black Legion Chosen.

By turn 3, the bikes found themselves trapped by a Black Legion rhino, which dismounted its squad. Black Legion bikes also joined the fray. Between the two, with harassing fire from the Black Legion Chosen, they managed to whittle away the strength of the bikers.

With turn 4, the Black Legion brought up it's Daemon Prince, using it's Lash capability to force the Fallen Dark Angels Chosen from the objective, moving up a rhino filled with troops to contest. The World Eaters brought up their own Rhino filled with Khârn and Berzerkers to do the same. A firefight ensued between the Black Legionaires and the Fallen Dark Angels, with limited effect. More pressing were the Obliterators that chose this point to begin bombarding the formation with Plasma Cannon shots, causing a few casualties among the berzerkers.

By the 5th turn, the Black Legionaires seized the objective, but the remnants of Khârn's squad charged them among the ruins. Khârn managed to take 3 more heads, but slew one of his own. Khârn's record now stands at 7 skulls taken, but 2 friends betrayed!

* * * * *

As this was my 3rd game of 5th Edition Warhammer 40,000, I think I did better than my previous two games. For the first few turns, I felt I used terrain better, and attempted to deploy in a way that I could mutually support my forces. The real problems occur perhaps when I divide my force into two separate "task forces." It might be better to concentrate all my troops into a unified effort instead, perhaps ignoring the other objectives and instead and concentrate on either one, or on destroying the enemy's capacity to contest objectives (or perhaps both). Look forward to my next game.

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