Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ultramarines (Jim) vs. Tau (David)

We placed terrain, then rolled off – got Pitched Battle deployment, 3 Seize ground objectives, which ended up one right outside each deployment zone and one in the middle, closer to the Ultramarine side. The Marines went first, and elected for a balanced deployment, weighted toward the right flank. The Tau then deployed in a castle formation to their right, therefore opposing slightly less than half the Marines – the idea was to defeat in detail the Marines as they advanced. However, this was the terrain heavy side of the field, and the Tau placement didn’t leave much line of sight to anything. One unit of Broadsides and the Pathfinders were placed toward the left, behind a hill.

Turn one, the Marines opened fire; the Whirlwind destroyed a full unit of Fire Warriors and damaged another, while the Scouts in their Landspeeder Storm piled out and shot, then assaulted the Pathfinders, wiping them out to a man, then consolidated back toward their transport. Meanwhile, an Ironclad Dreadnought dropped in from the heavens right in front of the ‘castle’, using its heavy flamer and meltagun to inflict many wounds on crisis suits and the Kroot in front of them. The rest of the Marine line advanced up the field.

The Tau, in retaliation for their losses, piled on the fire to the Ironclad and the Scouts; however, neither was destroyed. The Ironclad suffered the loss of its meltagun and was stunned, while 4 of the 5 scouts were killed, leaving only the sergeant. Sadly, this required most of the available firepower of the Tau forces, setting the Marines up nicely for turn 2.

In turn 2, the Ironclad flamered the Kroot, killing many; meanwhile, the Whirlwind killed more Fire Warriors, and the lone Scout sergeant shot a combi-melta at the Devilfish, blowing it up, taking both Kroot and Fire Warriors with it. At this point, both the Kroot and Fire Warriors failed their Morale tests, ran off the board, as, ignominiously, the Shas’El in command of the detachment. This was the last of the Tau troops. The Tau only had the Broadsides, Hammerhead, and some Crisis Suits remaining, while the Marines had only lost one 5 man squad of Scouts and the weapon off the Ironclad. With no way to claim an objective and no real chance of contesting all the objectives given the relative casualties, the Tau conceded.

Conclusion: Ultramarine victory, claiming a Manufactorium for the campaign.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle Report: Imperial Fists II vs 13th Company Wolves

Disclaimer: BioDan will be posting the video report capturing the bulk of what happened during the battle. In this battle report I aim to tell the story of the battle from the 3rd person.

Heavy Cruiser Mission 1: Foothold

Imperial Fists 1st Company Master of the Armory (counts as Kantor) landed on Heavy Cruiser "Emperor's Light" with small force after intercepting transmision from Rogue Trader Junbai. Transmission from Imperial Fist 1st Company Master of Armory (counts as Kantor) to 1st. Company Captain Lysander: "Scouts detect heavy activity, we sense trouble, better send enforcements we will try to hold ground (seize ground 4 objectives).

The hardened veterans of the Imperial Fists 1st company sensed the threat, and deployed heavily on an objective while they awaited enforcements, before the enemy could act, a group of scouts in a landspeeder bolted toward the enemy (scout move). They closed in on the enemy and bailed out on an unsuspecting unit of longfangs poised to attack. Lysander arrived in a drop pod to secure the mid field objectives. With nothing to shoot at, he and his squad ran to the surrounding cover to await the enemy. From above their perch, Veterans with heavy weapons fired at enemy rhinos, but only found the tough impenatrable patches of armour, and failed to penetrate the cover. Vindicators moved forward ready to unleash their devastating cannons.

Despite the surprise from of the scouts alpha strike (-2 leadership) the Longfangs roused the courage to counter charge the scouts wiping them completely while only losing one deranged wolf brother. The blood thirsty savages howled in glee at their unlikely victory. While any normal being might panic at the sight, the stubbron Fists only beared down harder while they awaited the enemies counter attack.

With enemies in sight, the wolves of the 13th company advanced on the battlefield. A drop pod touched down on the right flank in front of an imperial fist vindicator. A dreadnought popped out behind a pile of rubble and fired it's multi-melta stunning the crew inside. A wolf lord called on the thunder gods and unleashed a storm of fury on a yellow rhino. Amazingly, the blasts danced harmlesly about and the rhino remained unscathed. Another pod touched down close to Lysander near the midfeild objectives. A squad of wolves piled out rapid-firing bolters at the squad and causing some casualties. Another wolf squad came out of a rhino on the Lysander's flank and opened up another volley of rapid fire. When the smoke cleared, half of Lysander's unit had perished. After thwarting the Imperial Fist's scouts attempt to tie them up, the Long Fangs split fire between the Landspeeder storm and the Predator - Stunning the predator and blowing off the gun on the speeder.

After sustaining damage from shooting, the aggressive landspeeders reversed direction, dodging the wolves' volley of heavy weapon fire and darting behind cover. Lysander and his sternguard moved toward a squad of the savages and unloaded a volley of hellfire shells. The veteran's training proved effective - with the help of the poisonous bolts, they were able to kill three. A combat squad of sternguard rushed forward in a rhino in support of Lysander. They forced the wolves back toward their drop pod and fired a few bolts from the hatch.

Over on the Fist's left flank, where the Wolves' imposing dreadnought had burst from a drop pod, a small unit of sternguard pulled up in a rhino and waited behind cover. The Vindicator on the Fists' left flank, after surviving a powerful melta-beam, returned fire by lobbing a shell over the drop pod and directly onto the dreadnought. Fortunately for the wolves' the shell was but a dud and clanked harmlessly off it's armor.

The Master of the armory called down an orbital strike onto the longfangs, but an apparent magnetic vortex pulled the strike far off from it's intended target. Plasma cannons were fired at the drop poded wolf squad in support of the Fist's midfield efforts. The scout snipers fired in hopes of pinning the unit, but missed terribly. A shell from a vindicator landed with more authority though and after the casualties set off a panic.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BATTLE REPORT: Chaos (Sean) vs Tau (Sam?)

Battle Report
Chaos Vs. Tau 2250 Pnt. Ea.

Mission: Seize Ground:
4 objectives: 1 located “Helstine Forest 1B”; 2 located “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium 1D”; 3 located “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”; 4 located “Icarus Forest 1H”.
Deployment: Dawn of War
First Turn: Chaos Space Marines (CSM) Steal initiative not successful.

Turn 1:
(Night Fighting) CSM: Demon Prince “Ashazzii the Horrid” Slannesh deployed to the center of board behind the destroyed “Hab block 1C”. 2 units of CSM with Rhinos deployed behind the destroyed “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium” and idled till turn 2. 2 units of daemons, a Greater Daemon, & 5 Terminators with a CSM lord were left in reserve. All others units deployed on first turn and took a wide spread although most of the army deployment focused on areas 1D and 1C. Due to night fighting, no significant shots were fired by CSM. “Ashazzii the Horrid” did manage to lash a unit of Fire Warriors (FW) from their cover in the “Icarus Forest 1H”. Before the unit knew what was occurring they were already 600m from their designated front lines following the hauntingly beautiful song of a ghostly Ethereal. Little could they they know the horrors that would soon befall them.

(Night Fighting) Tau 1 HQ “Commander !@#$%” Deployed in “Hab Block 1G”. 2 Units of Fire Warriors (FW) Deployed on objective within the “Icarus Forest 1H”. The guns of the Tau took an extremely wide spread and covered their entire side of the battle ground. 1 Tau transport immobilized itself in the protruding I-beams and wreckage of the “Ogany Overlook Tor 1J”. With no priority targets available, a Tau Hammerhead unleashed its Rail gun on the CSM Chosen unit “The 8 Horrors of the Blessed” taking cover within the “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium”. A single CSM was atomized by its high velocity projectile. The unit of FW lashed by “Ashazzii the Horrid” attempt to make a run from enemy lines but the haunting beauty of the siren song still beckons them and their progress is too slow.

Turn 2:
CSM Reserves included 1 unit of “Plague Zombies (PZ)” off an icon carried by the “Howlers of Hate” CSM. The PZ along with the “The 8 Horrors of the blessed”, Chosen CSM, quickly ran into the remains of the “Ceramite & Plasteel Manufacturium 1D” searching for Tau that were reported to be hiding amongst the ruins like vermin. The PZ secure the objective and hide in amongst the rubble and blasted rock-crete. With a death curdling scream and the gurgle of all of his bodily fluids being released at once inside their transport, The Greater Daemon “Qazzech the Slime Lord” comes into being and immediately senses the warmth of untainted spirits close. “The Black Crosses” CSM fell into debased prayer and prepare for battle, envious of their battle brother who is now one with “Qazzech the Slime Lord”. “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” and his elite unit of Terminators strategically deepstrike within combi-melta distance of a Tau Hammerhead gunship.
“Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” waste no time destroying the Tau Hammerhead gunship with melti-weapons. It’s suspected the pilots thankfully died of fear prior to their tank exploding in a fire ball that could be seen for 2 kilometers. With the focus of mass Las fire from a Chaos Obliterator the second Tau Hammerhead gunship was temporarily disabled. “Ashazzii the Horrid” begins his insidious song again and Lashes the same unit of FW closer. This time there is no escape and they realize they’ve been following a phantom just as the superheated blast of plasma cannon, fired by a 3rd Obliterator, incinerates 6 of their squad.

Tau reserves come on in strength and immediately sure up the battle lines. Command center and all Vox channels are clicking with communications, coordinates and target acquisitions. The Tau OPEN up! With the skill and fortitude of their pathfinders (PF) picking essential targets, the Tau are able to destroy the CSM Rhino “For the Love of Hatred”. The ensuing explosions kill 3 of “Commander !@#$%” who immediately disembark and make for the cover of “Helsite Forest” and the objective marked on their intelligence maps. “The Black Crosses” lose another CSM to concentrated fire and realize they’re in the gun line of a massive Tau mobilization. “Commander !@#$%” and his team XV-9’s (Forge World Proxy we agreed to play) and 2 support unit of XV-8’s unleash the fusion and plasma power of their battle suits and waste 3 terminators. Each was reduced to ash by the ferocious fire power. The desperately exposed lashed Tau, with no place to go, make an uncharacteristically brave charge into the “Helsite Forest” were the remnant of “The Black Crosses” have taken up defensive positions around the objective. Due to their hastily constructed defensive perimeter, not a single Tau shot drops any more CSM.

Turn 3:
The Massed fire power of the Tau is so intense that hardly a unit of the CSM dared make a move. In outrage “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” put four rounds into the heads of a group of Chaos worshippers that were skulking in the vicinity of the destroyed “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”, as he had no other place to vent his rage. He then proceeded to run, with what’s left of his terminator group, to get into contact with the elusive Battle suits to no avail. The mass fired power of the Tau is withering and he and his command are forced to find cover in “Promethium Manufactorium 1F” or risk being atomized. His decision comes almost too late as he takes a Fusion shot that destroys the left part of his face and he suffers a single wound. The Obliterators unleash a torrent of Las fire into the remaining Tau Hammerhead and manage to stun the vehicle (Bloody Curses on their 4+ obscurement save). In a serious fire fight, “The Black Crosses” summon Daemon Dogs from the warp to act as a meat shield. They sacrifice one of their dying brothers to complete the ritual of debasement. Not to be left out of the head hunting “The Blooded of Khorne” and their leader “Horgar the Brutal” charge their Rhino forward into the concentrated mass of Tau fire chanting the praises of the Brass Throne. “Blood for the blood God! Glory for our Liege”. “Qazzech the Slime Lord” charges the pitiful Tau that made it into the “Helsite Forest”. Their deaths are quick as two immediately die to plague and the purification of their soft tissues and the third is crushed by a mighty blow from his blood encrusted, diseased ridden great sword. Amazingly one single Tau survives the initial encounter and stands firm against the terrifying entity that is “Qazzech the Slime Lord”, but not for long. “Ashazzii the Horrid” becomes distracted by all the pretty lights firing from the Tau weapons, cavorts and dances a round and fails his psychic check.

With targets acquired the Tau proceed to unleash another fusillade of massed fire power led by the Tau Pathfinders (PF) and their expert marking of prime targets. The concentrated fire of the Tau destroys all but one single Daemon Dog. To the Tau’s dismay they come to realize how resilient these cursed warp entities truly are and find that they have to over concentrate their fire power. Command immediately requests a shift in tactics. With Authority given the remaining Tau, who could still here the dying screams of their brethren in the “Helsite Forest” over the closed channel communication links bring to bear a tremendous amount of fire power on the “The Black Crosses” destroying 3 more CSM and leaving only 2 left, an unholy standard bearer and a Las cannon gunner. With their advanced optics and targeting arrays, “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” quickly learns that there is no hiding from the Tau guns and 1 more terminator is vaporized. “Commander !@#$%” mistakenly believes that he has destroyed the “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” when he sees the left side of his face and terminator armor explode in a gout of gore and vaporized ceramite. Although he quickly and efficiently calls out new commands, after a few minutes his internal targeting arrays detect movement in the ruins and he realizes that the terminators with their commander are back on the move. Like a fox on the trail of a rabbit, the battle suit teams begin to hunt the ruins of “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”. Although “Commander !@#$%”, commands are a bit premature, the Tau expertly execute those that directly affect them and they concentrate fire on the now vulnerable “Heathens Gore” Rhino which carry the “The Blooded of Khorne” CSM squad. “Heathens Gore” goes up in a massive mushroom fireball. To all of the Tau who see the explosion, congratulations quickly turn to horror, as they see the “The Blooded of Khorne” charging out of the wreckage chanting their mantra “Blood for the blood God! Glory for our Liege”. Not one Khorne CSM was lost. As part of “Commander !@#$%” early strategy, he deep deployed a large unit of Kroot (20) in an effort to outflank any trailing units of CSM. The main task, secure any objectives not securely held and sow chaos and disruption behind enemy lines. Their outflank move was extremely successful as they come upon the idling Rhino “Angers Tread” and the “Howlers of Hate” CSM unit still embarked. They make 60 automatic hits but fail to destroy “Angers Tread”, although they successfully shake the Rhino. “Dragoon the Baleful” of the “Howlers of Hate” calls in for fire support to clear the critters from “Angers Tread”.

Turn 4:
Fire support comes in the form of blistering fire from “The 8 Horrors of the Blessed” Chosen Unit. Bolters on full auto they proceed to rapid fire into the Kroot followed up by a melta-gun shot and 3 plasma gun shots. One plasma carrier in the “The 8 Horrors of the Blessed” unit was not so blessed and got the fast ticket to meeting his gods when his plasma gun overheated in an explosion of superheated plasma fusion. 8 Kroot were slaughtered in the volley. They then took a twin linked flamer blast from the obliterator, killing 6 more. They then took a charge by the Obliterator and this sent them scurrying for the sewers that they must have crawled out of. Reports are still unclear how they were able to get so close.
“Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed” making his way through the “Promethium Manufactorium 1F”, through blistering fire, was able to get near to the second Hammer head. The only other terminator with “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice cursed”, with a chain fist, proceeded to carve a new icon of Chaos out of the tank. Although successful in destroying the tank in a huge mushroom fireball, the chaos gods decided to be fickle with their blessings and he got decapitated in the ensuing explosion. “Ashazzii the Horrid” regains his senses and lashes a Tau FW unit out of “hab-block 1G”. “The Blooded of Khorne” make a ferocious charge destroying the entire unit without suffering a single strike back. The Blood God was pleased! The “Commander !@#$%” make a 6” consolidate towards the “Icarus Forest 1H”. The lone chaos dog hides. “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice Cursed” then gives his final command of this battle and orders the “Hell’s Doom Spirits” Bike squad to break cover and finish the fight in the name of chaos and glory. Breaking coverfrom behind the “Krill Forest 1A” where they were idling, they turbo boost for the “Icarus Forest 1H” objective. In rage of not being able to pass on his beautiful contagions to fitting carriers, “Qazzech the Slime Lord” makes a full move into the open in an effort to get the Tau hiding in the “Icarus Forest 1H”.

With targets acquired the brave pathfinders still on the ridge of the “Ogany Overlook 1J” paint “Qazzech the Slime Lord”. “Qazzech the Slime Lord”takes punishing fire and reports are that the steady beams of energy were so intense, the las fire and tracer rounds looked like they were forming the 8 pointed star of chaos right before he exploded in a mass of gore, slime and body parts. Everything, not of chaos, died within 60 meters of his death explosion. “Commander !@#$%” and his entourage of XV-8 battle suits began to systematically hunt “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice Cursed” finally bringing him down in a torrent of plasma, melta, and fusion burst just under the objective of “Promethium Manufactorium 1F” location. “Commander !@#$%” other XV-8 suits engaged “The Blooded of Khorne” at a distance of 200 meters, stitching fire into the unit like a surgical blade even as they sought cover. There was no hiding, there was no running; there was only death by fire! Seven Khornites were killed!

Turn 5:
With no more command communication from “Chaos Lord Gongler the Twice Cursed” the obliterators begin to shoot and pick targets randomly, destroying a Devil fish troop carrier in the process. It turns into an orgy of fire power. “Ashazzii the Horrid” lashes 1 of the 2 remaining Tau troop units off of the “Icarus Forest 1H” objective who immediately take a charge from the 3 remaining “Blooded” and the lone warped spawned Daemon dog. The attack was ferocious as they fell upon the dazed Tau. Nothing survived. Amazingly, the warp spawned daemon dog was able to consolidate onto the objective at “Icarus Forest 1H”. “Hell’s Doom Spirits” Bike squad crashed through the “Icarus Forest 1H” at break neck speed. One single biker was lost when he impaled himself on a Tau defensive positional electro spike. Unfortunately this would not save the last unit Tau on the Objective and they were quickly slaughtered, their bodies mutilated in the name of chaos and the “The Black Legion”. “Hell’s Doom Spirits” consolidated around the objective to protect the daemon dog.

With the chaos commander dead, “Commander !@#$%” orders all units to close on objectives. Due to chaos jamming devices, he is unaware the total losses. Few hear his commands fewer are in any position to do anything other than save themselves. A unit of broadsides makes a command decision and proceeds to dump a torrential pouring of fire into “The Black Crosses” located in the “Helsite Forest” killing the last 2 members of the unit at a distance of over 1000 meters. They took the cowardly way out and decided to die. Their names are stricken from the rosters of the “The Black Crosses” in shame and disgrace. “Commander !@#$%” XV-8 suits proceed to finish of the last of “The Blooded of Khorne” as well as the Rhino “Angers Tread” and 2 of its passengers. The fire show is spectacular and is mostly done in outrage and horror as the battlesuits start to get reports of Tau causalities. The dreaded sense of defeat began to settle in….

Turn 6:
Rolled a 1 on turn 6. Game came to an immediate end.
Chaos held 2 Objective (WINNER)
Tau contested 1 Objective


(sorry picture did not show up =(


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Example for posting a Video Battle Report

Here is a video that happens to feature 4, I believe, of the members of the Campaign(including myself) playing a 4000 point battle a few months ago. I thought this might be interesting, (hope im not revealing too many list secrets >] ) This features Buddy and Kevin(me) playing our Imperial Fist Armies vs Dave (Tau) and Jim (Ultramarines)Now you can post a video but since my bandwith is terrible ill just post a link. If you can just post the video in here.


fyi videos can take a long time to upload but make sure NOT to exit out of the window till its done uploading. pictures for BR wont take as long

Im I doing this right

Biodan - As its stands (unless Im doing this wrong - could be) list your name or handle or whatever your going to use at the start of yor blog so we know who its coming from...Later

Welcome all

A few rules clarifications. Unpainted models are welcome. A few proxies are ok just make sure they are explained before the game. ex. Daemon prince model has no wings but you buy the upgrade (Maybe hes a good jumper ;}). Any mission may be used as long as it was agreed to before hand to include APOCTO and the up coming SPEARHEAD. Also a question that has come up as late, some of you may know this. The rule as written is that the Machine Spirit can fire one more weapon than would normally be allowed. This means that a LR can pop smoke and still fire with the MS. We will use the rule as written. This is WAY COOL first blog in our new home...Thanks Kevin

Monday, May 10, 2010

We are looking for a few good commanders (or whatever you call yourself):

“Lord this was intercepted by the Astropath” …heavy cruiser EMPERORS LIGHT ...Lost after the HORUS heresy…39.856…Rogue Trader JUNBAI chances across a derelict ship… Profile matches the “emperors light”…It was the last transmission from RT JUNBAI…
Astartes and support sent to secure HC EMPERORS LIGHT…the task should be accomplished with haste this derelict will attract unwanted attention.
“Dog... take me there…Send for the sorcerer MAILEK…this is good"

Rules of engagement
1. Must be able to play once a month, but only once (in the campaign of course).
2. Same army must be used, but the composition can change.
3. Please no ‘ARD Boyz lists. This is a competition but the bottom line is to have fun.
4. Select a player on the campaign list and arrange a throwdown for some time, now or later. (to include points to play and options for scenario selection)
5. Cannot play any one player more than twice.
6. Have a copy of your army to share with your opponent. Please explain IC abilities if asked. Make sure terrain type is understood.
7. The “Runner-up” must submit a battle report before months end. Let our readers know what your opponent did right and what you would do different if you face them again. No whining about bad dice. Include pictures if you like. This info will be included in a monthly news letter.
8. There is a 10 dollar entrance fee half will go toward a PORTAL GC for our winner the other half for food and drink at the final APOCTOLYPTIC GAME held after the first of the year. Money to be given to LEX or JARED at the portal.
9. The commander to secure 6 tiles first will be declared the winner.
10.The winner each month can select an open tile on the map (A1 – F12) and select an upgrade (descriptions to follow). Ties secure a tile each, but no upgrade.

11. Anyone interested in playing should send me an email ( with their army of choice, preference for contact i.e. Email, text, phone, and a color to represent your army on the map. Also, town where you live and if you can host a game or would play at public locations i.e. PORTAL. This should be done before May 7th so we can start in May. If there is room we will take late applicants but they will have to fit a game in. I will make time to play any odd man out so everyone will have a chance to play.