Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle Report: Imperial Fists II vs 13th Company Wolves

Disclaimer: BioDan will be posting the video report capturing the bulk of what happened during the battle. In this battle report I aim to tell the story of the battle from the 3rd person.

Heavy Cruiser Mission 1: Foothold

Imperial Fists 1st Company Master of the Armory (counts as Kantor) landed on Heavy Cruiser "Emperor's Light" with small force after intercepting transmision from Rogue Trader Junbai. Transmission from Imperial Fist 1st Company Master of Armory (counts as Kantor) to 1st. Company Captain Lysander: "Scouts detect heavy activity, we sense trouble, better send enforcements we will try to hold ground (seize ground 4 objectives).

The hardened veterans of the Imperial Fists 1st company sensed the threat, and deployed heavily on an objective while they awaited enforcements, before the enemy could act, a group of scouts in a landspeeder bolted toward the enemy (scout move). They closed in on the enemy and bailed out on an unsuspecting unit of longfangs poised to attack. Lysander arrived in a drop pod to secure the mid field objectives. With nothing to shoot at, he and his squad ran to the surrounding cover to await the enemy. From above their perch, Veterans with heavy weapons fired at enemy rhinos, but only found the tough impenatrable patches of armour, and failed to penetrate the cover. Vindicators moved forward ready to unleash their devastating cannons.

Despite the surprise from of the scouts alpha strike (-2 leadership) the Longfangs roused the courage to counter charge the scouts wiping them completely while only losing one deranged wolf brother. The blood thirsty savages howled in glee at their unlikely victory. While any normal being might panic at the sight, the stubbron Fists only beared down harder while they awaited the enemies counter attack.

With enemies in sight, the wolves of the 13th company advanced on the battlefield. A drop pod touched down on the right flank in front of an imperial fist vindicator. A dreadnought popped out behind a pile of rubble and fired it's multi-melta stunning the crew inside. A wolf lord called on the thunder gods and unleashed a storm of fury on a yellow rhino. Amazingly, the blasts danced harmlesly about and the rhino remained unscathed. Another pod touched down close to Lysander near the midfeild objectives. A squad of wolves piled out rapid-firing bolters at the squad and causing some casualties. Another wolf squad came out of a rhino on the Lysander's flank and opened up another volley of rapid fire. When the smoke cleared, half of Lysander's unit had perished. After thwarting the Imperial Fist's scouts attempt to tie them up, the Long Fangs split fire between the Landspeeder storm and the Predator - Stunning the predator and blowing off the gun on the speeder.

After sustaining damage from shooting, the aggressive landspeeders reversed direction, dodging the wolves' volley of heavy weapon fire and darting behind cover. Lysander and his sternguard moved toward a squad of the savages and unloaded a volley of hellfire shells. The veteran's training proved effective - with the help of the poisonous bolts, they were able to kill three. A combat squad of sternguard rushed forward in a rhino in support of Lysander. They forced the wolves back toward their drop pod and fired a few bolts from the hatch.

Over on the Fist's left flank, where the Wolves' imposing dreadnought had burst from a drop pod, a small unit of sternguard pulled up in a rhino and waited behind cover. The Vindicator on the Fists' left flank, after surviving a powerful melta-beam, returned fire by lobbing a shell over the drop pod and directly onto the dreadnought. Fortunately for the wolves' the shell was but a dud and clanked harmlessly off it's armor.

The Master of the armory called down an orbital strike onto the longfangs, but an apparent magnetic vortex pulled the strike far off from it's intended target. Plasma cannons were fired at the drop poded wolf squad in support of the Fist's midfield efforts. The scout snipers fired in hopes of pinning the unit, but missed terribly. A shell from a vindicator landed with more authority though and after the casualties set off a panic.

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