Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome all

A few rules clarifications. Unpainted models are welcome. A few proxies are ok just make sure they are explained before the game. ex. Daemon prince model has no wings but you buy the upgrade (Maybe hes a good jumper ;}). Any mission may be used as long as it was agreed to before hand to include APOCTO and the up coming SPEARHEAD. Also a question that has come up as late, some of you may know this. The rule as written is that the Machine Spirit can fire one more weapon than would normally be allowed. This means that a LR can pop smoke and still fire with the MS. We will use the rule as written. This is WAY COOL first blog in our new home...Thanks Kevin


  1. I would say that if your LR shoots through it's own smoke, your opponent would benefit from a cover save though.

  2. - Buddy (forgot to sign the comment above)

  3. Agreed makes sense if firing through smoke you would get a cover save... - BioDan