Monday, May 10, 2010

We are looking for a few good commanders (or whatever you call yourself):

“Lord this was intercepted by the Astropath” …heavy cruiser EMPERORS LIGHT ...Lost after the HORUS heresy…39.856…Rogue Trader JUNBAI chances across a derelict ship… Profile matches the “emperors light”…It was the last transmission from RT JUNBAI…
Astartes and support sent to secure HC EMPERORS LIGHT…the task should be accomplished with haste this derelict will attract unwanted attention.
“Dog... take me there…Send for the sorcerer MAILEK…this is good"

Rules of engagement
1. Must be able to play once a month, but only once (in the campaign of course).
2. Same army must be used, but the composition can change.
3. Please no ‘ARD Boyz lists. This is a competition but the bottom line is to have fun.
4. Select a player on the campaign list and arrange a throwdown for some time, now or later. (to include points to play and options for scenario selection)
5. Cannot play any one player more than twice.
6. Have a copy of your army to share with your opponent. Please explain IC abilities if asked. Make sure terrain type is understood.
7. The “Runner-up” must submit a battle report before months end. Let our readers know what your opponent did right and what you would do different if you face them again. No whining about bad dice. Include pictures if you like. This info will be included in a monthly news letter.
8. There is a 10 dollar entrance fee half will go toward a PORTAL GC for our winner the other half for food and drink at the final APOCTOLYPTIC GAME held after the first of the year. Money to be given to LEX or JARED at the portal.
9. The commander to secure 6 tiles first will be declared the winner.
10.The winner each month can select an open tile on the map (A1 – F12) and select an upgrade (descriptions to follow). Ties secure a tile each, but no upgrade.

11. Anyone interested in playing should send me an email ( with their army of choice, preference for contact i.e. Email, text, phone, and a color to represent your army on the map. Also, town where you live and if you can host a game or would play at public locations i.e. PORTAL. This should be done before May 7th so we can start in May. If there is room we will take late applicants but they will have to fit a game in. I will make time to play any odd man out so everyone will have a chance to play.

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  1. A few rules clarifications. Unpainted models are welcome. A few proxies are ok just make sure they are explained before the game. ex. Daemon prince model has no wings but you buy the upgrade (Maybe hes a good jumper ;}). Any mission may be used as long as it was agreed to before hand to include APOCTO and the up coming SPEARHEAD. Also a question that has come up as late, some of you may know this. The rule as written is that the Machine Spirit can fire one more weapon than would normally be allowed. This means that a LR can pop smoke and still fire with the MS. We will use the rule as written. This is WAY COOL first blog in our new home...Thanks Kevin